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Air Istanbul fleet circa 1990


Air Istanbul fleet circa 1990

i'm... not entirely sure how the covers work on this, so this is the second entry? who knows.
go look at the other one maybe

Anyhow, I didn't really like the first livery I made for this airline. It wasn't ever meant to be permanent, but a lifespan of 5 years isn't exactly realistic; however, with an influx of new, larger planes came an excuse to make a new livery. I tried a bunch of nonsense until I landed on the hockey stick design, and decided it was good enough. I planned to, like the original, only do the livery on one plane but, in essence, while I wanted to put the livery on the 747 because flagship, it turns out the 747 is kind of annoying to experiment on. I ended up making the livery on the 757, then the 747, then doing the rest because... uhhh.... ????

I still don't really like the livery, but it's fine. might try again another time. I was considering renaming the airline something like "Air Tulip" because of a cool new hub in Izmir, but decided against it. again, maybe another time.

If you have any feedback, please do leave a comment. I'm trying to become slightly less bad at this.

    honestly both designs dont look bad, maybe alittle bland? but thats how 90% of real airline liveries look nowadays. my only real critique is that the swoop down from the tail isnt consistent, now i know it cant look the same on everything but it may look better if the swoop doesnt go on the dorsal fin like on the 737 and ATR, just have it follow the main angle of the tail and leave the dorsal fin white