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Garrayura Yes23 Boeing 737-879SSW


authorised by Kate Carnell AO, National Convenor for Liberals for Yes, Canberra. Zipp, Med, Abe and Tony Nutt

Garrayura Yes23 Boeing 737-879SSW

It’s time to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Constitution through a Voice to the Federal Parliament.

For far too long, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have been marginalised in this country and for far too long, we’ve stood silent. Generation upon generation of ingrained oppression have led to some of the largest societal inequalities in history. We’ve consistently called on successive governments to introduce practical polices that result in practical outcomes. The meaningful recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in Australia’s Constitution, through a Voice to Parliament, goes to the heart of this. Since 2017, Garrayura and Mate have proudly supported the Uluru Statement from the Heart and we firmly believe that sovereignty was never ceded. Voice, Treaty and Truth are not just words, they’re something that we firmly believe in.

Garrayura has led the industry on closing the gap. We were the first airline to operate a fully indigenous crewed aircraft, we’ve pioneered a nation leading recruitment strategy favouring Aboiriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates and we’ve been constantly campaigning for a more just Australia.
We’re under no illusions, there are real problems facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and a voice to Parliament won’t fix everything overnight, but we’re proud throw our support behind the Yes Campaign on the 2023 Australian Indigenous Voice referendum.

We've always been committed to our First Nations people and they mean more to us then names on an aircraft. They're the pioneers who made everything possible.

It’s time Australia, let’s get this done.

Depicted here is VH-BOB, in the standard Garrayura scheme with additional Yes23 decals applied.


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