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Diarcesiaces Aerogrammes Concorde, 1980s

Diarcesiaces Aerogrammes Concorde, 1980s

Diarcesiaces Aerogrammes's special livery for Concorde. Normally, the body is painted red in its planes during the 80s. However, performance considerations forced the airline to work with white as a base for the plane's livery. As a result, only the gold cheatline is retained to indicate the brand identity. The mascot's, Hespera's, lasso is changed from the usual red to gold to suggest a specialness to the overall design of this unique supersonic airliner.

The airline's name is placed near the nose as a retro nod to the 40s and earlier when nose art was prevalent among Diarcesian airplanes.

    Appreciate the consideration of the special heating characteristics too many just dip their lawn darts in paint and call it good. I think the livery is very nice but the fuselage is functionally just BA Landor so it's not really original