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BWA Airbus Widebody Fleet 2017-



BWA Airbus Widebody Fleet 2017-

Belgian World Airlines underwent a rebrand in 2017 to bring the airlines branding up to modern standards. With the new livery also came a cabin retrofit where the new 'World Business' seats were added to the aircraft, first class was also removed from widebody aircraft to make room for more business class seats.

Today both pictured aircraft are still in service and operating for BWA.

    name is a lil king leopoldy but nice work


    It fits the A340 so well, just lovely!

    Mixed feelings on this because the reg is huge and I feel like its very bereft of colours but in its seeming half-baked-ness it has some cool stuff going on with the logo and the font and it does feel like ok maybe this is just a sort of unloved livery refresh of a subordinate carrier in a larger group (which is sorta what it is)