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Crown Line Aviation McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30

Crown Line Aviation McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30

In 1973, Crown Line Aviation began searching for new aircraft to support its US and Caribbean expansion. To fulfill the large market potential, they order 6 DC-10 aircraft brand new from McDonnell Douglas. The first of these aircraft, G-BAAB, was delivered in 1974. The DC-10s flew out of London Luton and into places like Bermuda and New York City.

However, times had become hard for Crown Line. The recession Britain was facing led to a multi-million pound loss for the shipping company. Load factors plummeted and the airline's debt grew. Eventually, in 1975, Crown Line filed for bankruptcy and liquidated. The shipping arm of the company was dissolved while Crown Line Aviation was sold to a British investment firm and rebranded into British Holiday Airlines.

    the name kinda mid :/

    nice dc-10

    Name and font are a little meh but I like the colours and stuff there's some cool ideas here. Why is the font so small in the description?

    I could see it, but the air con in a DC-10 would struggle in summer heat with dark paint