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A320NG EverGo - PNW concept


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A320NG EverGo - PNW concept

Holy hell rine finally learned how to mask

EverGo is a Seattle-based American LCC. It only flies aircraft in the A320 family, and went with a deal for A320neo aircraft over the 737MAX during the MAX's crisis. It's focus cities are PDX and DEN. EverGo wasn't doing too hot before the pandemic, and really floundered during it, but is getting some fresh wind to continue as a small player in the North American market.

I don't have a lot for this one, it's not a brand new concept either. I do plan on doing this again, I can never end up getting over how fun it is to make art for pretend airlines. I also do a lot of worldbuilding now, and plan on making some fictional airlines for my projects, with fictional planes drawn accordingly. I already have some art for a atmosphere-space sci-fi space shuttle-like plane I plan on posting here soon!