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Air Turkey A350XWBs


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Air Turkey A350XWBs

Air Turkey first ordered the A350 back in 2008. At that time, they ordered 15 of the new airliner from Airbus. Since then, they've increased that to 18 of the -900 and 17 for the -1000. They used to have an order for 8 A350-800s, but that was cancelled in 2013.

The first one arrived on 9 September 2016 with a large A350XWB decal on the from with the Air Turkey text below it. It first flew TY9/10 between Istanbul and Paris on 15 September that year. Since then, there have been an additional 8 aircraft that have arrived into the fleet, with a further 9 to go. However, Air Turkey has hinted at ordering upwards of 10 additional A350s, as they have purchase rights to an additional 13 of the -900s and 20 of the -1000s, and also they are very pleased with the type due to its flexibility (i.e. they can easily swap an A350 that's normally flying to USA to flying routes to Europe, for example) and range. They could potentially even be the 2nd A350-900ULR customer in the world if rumours are true.

Currently, the A350XWB family flies to Europe (West and North), the Americas, and over to East Asia. If the rumours become true and Air Turkey orders the A350-900ULR, then these will be sent to Australia ad maybe onwards to New Zealand, complimenting the 787-9'ULR's they have presently.

TC-HTA: 2016 Airbus A350-900 | Air Turkey | Currently: In active service with Air Turkey
TC-HTB: 2016 Airbus A350-900 | Air Turkey | Currently: In active service with Air Turkey

    the first one with the A350 in red is really cool