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One Year on Airline Empires

One Year on Airline Empires

Technically, the anniversary is not until Wednesday, but I wanted to post this now due to the fact that I am going on a cruise next week.

Wow. Can't believe its been a year. Its been interesting, I certainly feel like I have improved a lot over the course of this amount of time. I feel like I had my peak back in late 2021 when I came back from hiatus and created some of my all time favorites, like Maroterean and Calumet. I certainly hope to both improve and impress even more in the future.

I wanted to remaster both of my oldest liveries. These two were actually the first liveries I ever made back in 2019. They are not that good anymore (I used Norrebo's templates and the layering and proportions are off) but they hold a special place in my heart because of how they introduced to this hobby. I hope you like them.

Here's to the future. And most importantly, be sure to comment and give feedback and criticism. Thank you for seeing this.

And most importantly, thank you for making this a great year.