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Originair BAe Jetstream 31


Pingu, Airplano21's wonderful updates to (I think) Fidi's Jetstream 31 template

Originair BAe Jetstream 31

Originair is a small regional airline based in Nelson. It was founded by Robert Inglis -who also founded Origin Pacific back in the 1990s- in March of 2015 after Air New Zealand pulled out of the Nelson-Palmerston North route.

Today, even despite the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak (and past ones too), Originair is still flying to this day using BAe Jetstream 31s and 32s. They took over the Hamilton-Palmerston North route when Air New Zealand pulled out of it in 2021, and currently fly many routes that Air New Zealand do not, such as the previously mentioned, and also Nelson-Hamilton (however due to COVID I am unsure exactly where they fly to right now, especially since NZ has moved into extra restrictions thanks to an ongoing Omicron outbreak that started a few days ago)

ZK-JSH: 1988 British Aerospace Jetstream 31-09 | Originair | Currently: in service with Originair

Don't worry, Origin Pacific will be covered at later dates!


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