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Bombardier CRJ-700

Bombardier CRJ-700

It is February 1997. Calumet's regional operations are in full swing and the fleet now fully consists of regional medium-range aircraft with the airline looking for new ones. That same month, Calumet ordered 15 CRJ-700s and 10 CRJ-900s. The CRJ-700 was first delivered to the airline in November 2001. The CRJ-900 was delivered in January of 2003 which Calumet was the launch customer of. Later in 2014, the airline would order 10 more CRJ-700s and 15 more CRJ-900s.

Starting from 2004 and 2013 respectively, United Express and American Eagle used Calumet's CRJs for their own operations. By 2020, 18 CRJ-700s were at United Express and all CRJ-900s operated for American Eagle. The remaining CRJ-700s were used for Calumet's independent operations.

In April 2001, Calumet once again rebranded. The livery and logo font was changed and repainting began soon after. The process was put on hold when the airline went under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection post-9/11, and would restart in July of 2002 after the airline was declared healthy again.

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    Now this is down right awesome

    need to tilt the plane for the gear down and shadow effect to look right.

    need to tilt the plane for the gear down and shadow effect to look right.

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    The patterning on the tail is nice and the idea of the narrowing point cheatline is cute although I'm not sure about how it's done here I'm also thinking that the typeface looks a little modern for 2001