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MK 732F

MK 732F

Makani Air Lines is a Hawaiian airline focusing mainly on low-cost interisland passenger and cargo flights. Founded in 1994, Makani currently operates its flights under the FlyMakani.com brand, with a fleet of Boeing and Cessna aircraft.

The Boeing 737-200F is a fixture of FlyMakani.com fleet, joining the fleet since its founding in 1994. The airline currently operates 3 Boeing 737-200F cargo aircraft, as well as 3 Boeing 737-200C combi aircraft, all used on interisland services. Makani's 737-200F are all purchased used from other carriers, but are maintained in excellent condition and are expected to stay in the skies for years to come. All of Makani's aircraft are christened and named upon delivery, and the 737-200F fleet are named: 2815 "Ella", 2816 "Samantha", and 2817 "Katie" (pictured).

Aircraft Info:
N817MK, Boeing 737-2J8©(F) "Katie", ship number 2817. Former Pacific West Airways N736PW (1972-1997), delivered to Makani in 1997.

    can't wait to see the wreckage of this aircraft being pulled from the sea

    Transair vibes...I like it :D