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Adarna Airbus A330-300

Adarna Airbus A330-300

Airbus A330-343

    I’ll be honest… all of your iterations of this livery are fantastic. This is not so much not a fan of the change in tail color, it’s updated but the font doesn’t appear to have changed. The other versions where detailed and great to look at. I feel this more modern version is below the standard of the previous versions. Don’t get me wrong your work is great I just feel this version lets the brand down a little. Just personal opinion!

    While I do still think that this livery is excellent, I do kind of agree with AJB about it letting the brand down a bit. I think it would probably look better with the darker blue you had from the previous liveries (that was a truly beautiful shade of blue imo).


    Also, it looks like the titles can't decide whether they want to be billboard or above the windows. If you want it to be billboard, I'd move the titles further down, to about the center of the windows, and possibly make them larger.