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Kazakh Airlines Boeing 767-300ER


AJB - Boing - Med

Kazakh Airlines Boeing 767-300ER

Kazakh Airlines

Callsign - KAZAKH

Boeing 767-300ER

In 2005 Kazakh Airlines went through a huge rebranding program set to be completed by 2008, as the airline was gaining notability in Asia, Western Europe and North America it was time the company brought the airline into the 21st century, not only with a new livery, but a new onboard product the introduction of a frequent flyer program, airport lounges... Kazakh Airlines was set to become the leading airline in Central Asia a goal they achieved.

The first aircraft in the fleet to receive the new livery was the Boeing 767-300ER, not only were the cheatlines dropped but the airline also got rid of its famous turquoise tip on the tail, the typeface was updated and also changed from being written in Kazakh to being written in English, along with this came new registrations P4-XXX which would be applied to the airlines entire fleet, the livery adorned the fleet until 2018 when a refreshed look came with the introduction of newer more fuel efficient aircraft.

Kazakh Airlines had spent the best part of 14 years building its brand, removing its identity and link to the soviet era, updating its fleet and expanding its network around the world, and it didn't stop there.... new connecting services introduced enabled Kazakh Airlines to operate connecting flights from the west to the far east and Australia a route introduced in 2008, Kazakh Airlines was on an upward trajectory one that proved to be extremely successful, and with the new look, branding and product by 2018 the airline had been ranked best airline in Central Asia and India for 8 consecutive years, given a Diamond rated Health & Safety award, the market leadership award by 2015 alongside a 5 star Apex rating for regional airline services, and a 4 star rating for international services making it the first airline in Eastern Europe and the CIS to receive such a high rating as well as receiving the travelers choice awards for two years running, the airlines long term plan paid off and it wasn't going to stop there. In 2010 Kazakh Airlines became a member of the Dynasty World Alliance strengthening its links to airlines within the alliance and also expanding the airlines frequent flyer program and use of airport lounges around the world.

The airlines fleet of Boeing 767-300ER's received modifications over the coming years including the introduction of winglets to greater increase fuel efficiency as well as the introduction of onboard Wi-Fi.

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