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UW 789

UW 789

Yangtze received their latest UnitedWings alliance jet in October 2019. B-11CB, a Boeing 787-9 named "Seattle", replaced B-1512, an Airbus A330-200 named "Philadelphia", which was returned to its lessor after 11 years of service with Yangtze and 6 years as an alliance jet. Interesting enough, B-11CB's name, "Seattle", also once belonged to an Airbus A330, namely B-1029, which changed its name to "Honolulu" for promotional reasons in 2014. B-11CB was also one of the first Boeing 787-9s in Yangtze's fleet to receive a refreshed interior, featuring a combination of grey and red fabric, replacing the traditional beige color, first introduced with the Boeing 777-300ER in 2012. Initially, B-11CB was operated by the Shanghai branch for long haul international routes to North America and Europe. Unfortunately, after the pandemic hit, B-11CB was transferred to the Beijing branch, operating the Beijing-Shanghai express and other high demand domestic routes. Its only long haul flights since the pandemic hit were flights YZ9006/9007, a government repatriation charter between Shanghai (PVG) and New York (JFK). B-11CB operated the flight a total of 4 times between April and July 2020, bring home thousands of Chinese citizens stranded in the US. It is scheduled to be returned to the Shanghai branch during the winter of 2021, and re-enter international services in Spring 2022.

Aircrafts Pictured:
B-11CB, Boeing 787-9 "Seattle", "UnitedWings" special livery, delivered to Yangtze Airlines in 2019, operated by the Beijing branch.

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