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Yangtze+NEA "Inspiring, Together" Poster

Yangtze+NEA "Inspiring, Together" Poster

New England Airlines and Yangtze Airlines have a long standing partnership. Pictured is the latest display of this partnership, the "Inspiring, Together" marketing campaign that was first unveiled in Summer 2019.

    This is wonderful! Two absolutely beautiful airlines!

    Very classy

    Awesome! Happy to work with such a great airline  :D.


    really nice!

    My unitedwings eye is watching you, and I can see a beatiful ad :D

    Interesting, a Unitedwings and DWA airline working together.

    Surely a cross over livery like the KLM and Northwest

    Surely a cross over liver like the KLM and Northwest

    it won't be that

    loving these inter-alliance partnerships