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Air Aqua 737 poster


Connor McMullin 2021

Air Aqua 737 poster

The 737 Max has been a valuable addition to the Air Aqua fleet. They have quickly become a workhorse for the airline, allowing for service as far north as Canada and as far south as Argentina. These new routes have brought in a considerable amount of business for the airline and it is considering the 737 Max-10 for routes that are in high demand and for serving destinations further away such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Vancouver. The high north is a large potential market. People there will most likely wish to escape to a warm, idyllic destination during the wintertime, balancing the dip in traveler numbers after the summer months. There is much planned for the Max series and a bright future ahead

The first aircraft featured, 737 Max-7 Registered C6-DLW was delivered March 14 2021
MSN: 61818
Config: W12Y149
Powerplant: X2 CFMI Leap

The second aircraft featured, 737 Max-8 Registered C6-EEG was delivered May 18 2019
MSN: 60744
Config: W12Y162
Powerplant: X2 CFMI Leap

    Nice! Ill fly this airline if it was real