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Springbok Express | British Aerospace Jestream 41 | ZS-OAF | 2011-present


A220, template by med

Springbok Express | British Aerospace Jestream 41 | ZS-OAF | 2011-present

Joining Antelope's fleet in 1995, the BAe Jetstream 41 has played a vital role for the regional subsidiary of Springbok ever since. Following the retirement of a small fleet of Cessna Caravans in 2004, the J41 became the smallest member of the airline's fleet. The twin-turboprop operates point-to-point flights to some of the smallest communities of South Africa, providing them with a vital link to the rest of the world. A total of 12 Jetstreams are operated by Springbok Express as of 2020. These small and nimble aircraft also played an integral role during the COVID-19 pandemic, operating cargo-only flights carrying essential supplies to smaller communities of the country.

ZS-OAF was delivered to Antelope in 1996. It is configured with 29 Economy Class seats, just like every J41 in the fleet. In its 24 years with the airline, it has mainly operated point-to-point flights from the company's regional hub at Durban. However, with the pandemic shaking up the entiire aviation industry, Springbok has begun placing these small aircraft on point-to-point routes bypassing the typical hub-and-spoke system Springbok Express has been operating under.




    Thank you everyone!

    This is amazing! I love the design on such a little aircraft.


    ZS-OAF - can't seem to find Airlink's Jetstream fleet. However, OAF is an actual 737-400 operating for South African low-cost airline FlySafair. She sports a special livery proclaiming FA as recommended by TripAdvisor. I flew her in September last year!