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Bangkok Airwarys A319 JAN2020

Bangkok Airwarys A319 JAN2020

Flew Bangkok Airways Airbus 319, HS-PPR as PG172 from Koh Samui to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi on 7 January 2020. A very short flight. Koh Samui airport is a very special airport. The trolley ride to the aircraft is quite different, like no other airport I have experienced.

    hey mate

    slow down your posts

    good recreation tbh

    A few thoughts - yes the templates aren't Med's, but considering that, they're actually pretty decent. Nothing that makes it impossible to look at the livery itself, unlike some non-Med templates that have appeared here before...

    And as AB says, all your recreations are actually pretty good, so yeah...keep up the good work. Just maybe don't upload in large sets like this in the future, people here tend to get pissed about that even if the quality is good.

    Amazing. I was booked on this A319 for Easter, but had to cancel... 😢

    Good work! Although I'd only upload one image once a day. :)