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Foray into the jet age

Foray into the jet age

Air Tunisie took delivery of its first jet-powered aircraft, a Sud Aviation Caravelle III, on 31 August 1961. A new service to Frankfurt was inaugurated in October but was terminated in March the following year due to lack of profitability. A second Caravelle entered service in March 1964, and flights to Frankfurt were restored in April 1966 in cooperation with German airline Lufthansa. 1969 marked the debut of the AĆ©rospatiale N 262 turboprop for use on domestic routes within Tunisia. The introduction of these newer aircraft allowed for the retirement of older DC-3s and DC-4s that have been in operation since the 1950s.

Registration: TS-TAR

    Again, I really dont think you should mix IRL and fictional, but i like the livery