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Poletavia - Soviet Airlines Antonov AN-24 "1955-1968"



Poletavia - Soviet Airlines Antonov AN-24 "1955-1968"

In 1959, Poletavia would acquire the Antonov AN-24 to replace piston IL-14s that were in service all across the Soviet Union. With the new turboprop AN-24, Poletavia kept it's capability to land on rougher terrain runways, such as those in Siberia or the far north. The aircraft was a great deal faster than its predecessor and was mechanically more reliable, with the IL-12/IL-14 being famous for engine out issues. The Antonov 24 allowed Poletavia to completely retire early piston aircraft, keeping on pace with western counterparts to push for an all "jet" fleet by 1966. The Antonov AN-24 would serve after the fall of the Soviet Union, finally being retired from Poletavia service in 1999.

The livery from 1955-1968 features a secondary logo, meant to symbolize Poletavia's growing international network and global reach.

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