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Luftviking | 1958 | Douglas DC-7C


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Luftviking | 1958 | Douglas DC-7C

Luftviking A/S was founded in 1958 by Roy Tomasson. Originally focused on charter operations with a fleet of Douglas DC-6 aircraft, the airline branched into scheduled Transatlantic services in 1960 with the introduction of DC-7 aircraft. Despite competition from other large European airlines, Luftviking found its niche and quickly launched services to some European capitals in efforts to develop Oslo as a Transatlantic hub.

With the airline's growing international network, Luftviking's founder began looking for a way for his company to enter the Norwegian domestic market. He found the answer in a small airline called Innenriks Flyselskap. In 1961, Thomasson purchased Innenriks from its owners and merged the airline into Luftviking, along with its fleet of Convair CV-440 and Douglas DC-3 aircraft. He also gave the company an new name...Norskair.

LN-DCA, Alfhild Viking, was Luftviking's first DC-7C. The aircraft wore the original Luftviking livery until 1962, when it was repainted in the first Norskair livery, and was retired in 1965.

Finally finished the full timeline of Norskair, so I'm uploading the latest versions of each livery...along with lore :D


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