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Kirov-Neva Airlines IL-76D



Kirov-Neva Airlines IL-76D

Kirov-Neva Airlines was founded as a joint-stock company in the fall of 1997 in Kirov, Russia. Originally hauling passengers on short domestic hops along the Neva, Volga, and Vyatka river tributaries with small Soviet-era aircraft such as the Antonov 2 and Let 410, Kirov-Neva would eventually grow into a small cargo airline, phasing out passenger operations as it would begin moving the mail and other scheduled postage between Kirov, Moscow, and Saint Petersburg and points in-between for most parts of the year, but especially in winter when river traffic would cease due to the river system freezing over. Eventually operating aircraft such as the IL-76, the airline would become one of Russia's largest cargo airlines, specializing in outsize cargo. With the acquisition of the Antonov 124, paired with the modernized IL-76s, Kirov Neva is a global cargo hauling enterprise. Maintenance of the fleet is conducted on the grounds of Pobedilovo Airport in Kirov. The airline operates hubs in Kirov, as well as Moscow-Sheremetyevo, and Saint Petersburg Pulkovo, with a maintenance facility soon to open in Vladivostok, in Russia's far east.



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