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Oriental B747-400D


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Oriental B747-400D

Airframe info:
Operator - Oriental Airlines
Aircraft - B747-400D (B-78421)
Operating history:
- Delivered to Oriental Airlines 24/02/1994

Oriental Airlines decided that they'd need to use a high density aircraft for their CTU - PEK and CAN - PEK routes, currently they were using B747-400s and that they began to dig into their schedules to the point where 2 main fleet B747-400s had to constantly be on the CAN/CTU - PEK rotations, so in 1994 they ordered 2 of the B747-400Ds. Even though the B744D was only really designed for the Japanese market, the B744D helped out Orientals heavy demand on the CTU/CAN - PEK routes. Currently both B744Ds (B-78421/78422) are in still in service how ever they are currently being helped out by 2 B777-300s. A replacement aircraft is currently being analysed and the B787-10 is the most likely choice.

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