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Aljana Aviation - Boeing 737-26A


Paint by Atsuk0 | Template by Med

Aljana Aviation - Boeing 737-26A

1960-1982 livery

Aljana's first livery, used from its conception until the delivery of 767-200s in 1982. The airline started with five 707s in 1960, and eventually bought 737s in 1968 for short haul operations around the Middle East. Logo is based on the Kuwaiti national emblem, which features a sailing ship, due to the country's plentiful ports and location on the Persian Gulf.

Decided to go pretty hard on this one with weathering and dirt just for fun. Also tried out some paint chipping for the first time, based on a few real life pics of scuffed up 737s. Think it came out pretty good.

Edit: Kinda-sorta scrapped Aljana brand. Not entirely dead just can't be bothered to paint more stuff for it and I ended up not liking the modern s*** much. Maybe I'll come back to it eventually when I have more motivation and also don't lowk wanna kms cause of irl stuff

    Not bad!! :D

    I really like this


    I'm a big fan, like a really big fan

    Lovely. ^_^

    Thanks yall :)

    Great realism, I love it