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Skywind A220-100


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Skywind A220-100

Airframe info:
Airbus A220-100
Delivered 8/8/2018
Age - 1 year old

Skywind was always keen on the A220-100, when previously designated as the CS100. Skywind's main fleet has never consisted of anything smaller than the A320. The choice was to either go with the A220-100 or the A319neo however since the A319neo has hardly gained attraction, Skywind opted to go with the A220-100. Since the A220-100 is capable in landing at LCY and other tricky airports in the EU it is also able to be transferred to our Express fleet. Our first A220-100, G-SCSA, entered service with Skywind last August and is the first of 20 which 10 remain TBD.