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AmericanWestern A320neo (Final Livery)


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AmericanWestern A320neo (Final Livery)

A major rival to AeroCalifornia, AmericanWestern has been operating out of SAN and SFO since 1980 when it flew its first route from San Diego to Dallas.

In mid 2018 the airline hit severe financial difficulties and began to sell off assets. AeroCalifornia, the main rival to the airline proved to be its rescuer when an acquisition deal was announced, although initial problems arose with the already large consortium purchasing yet another domestic carrier and one of moderate size, AeroCalifornia's assurance that jobs would be protected in the purchase.

Following the purchase of AmericanWestern by AeroCalifornia group it was soon announced that the final AmericanWestern flight would take place June 29th 2019 from DFW-SAN with the A320neo receiving a water cannon salute upon landing. The following day its AOC was merged with AeroCalifornia's while it was announced the brand was to be retired and the mixed fleet of A320s and 737 next gens was to be transferred to various airlines within AeroCalifornia Group with this one along with the rest of the A320neo fleet destined for Kalakala Airlines.

Despite the retirement of the brand AeroCalifornia announced a single aircraft was to be kept in AmericanWestern livery speculated to be an A320neo.