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American Airlines - McDonnell Douglas MD-90-30



American Airlines - McDonnell Douglas MD-90-30

N903RA / Ex-Reno Air machine, one of the very few MD-90s which AA operated after integrating ROA and its fleet in 1999. As far as I can tell, all of them wore this hybrid livery which was basically just AA stripes and logo painted over a stripped down Reno liv - an interesting departure from AA's standard polished metal livery at the time.

Also my first try with adding some custom dirt and grime to planes, based on the dirt on the real plane itself. Quite happy with it.

And this one's the last one for today, I promise - hope I don't seem like I'm spamming or anything. These have all been finished in the past, but I only just decided to upload them :x

    If they are at least in this quality, keep 'em coming.

    looks pretty!