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Boeing 737-200Adv | 1978


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Boeing 737-200Adv | 1978

Airline - Royal Dhahrani Airways
Aircraft - Boeing 737-200Adv | A9-VCA
Delivered to Royal Dhahrani Airways, 1978
Sold to Air Miwuka, 1994
Stored at Naga Airport, 2002
Partially Scrapped at Naga Airport, 2006
Livery - Standard 1976
Country - Kingdom of Dhahran

Realizing the limitations of their Tridents and the need for a larger fleet, Royal Dhahrani Airways placed an order for eight 737-200Adv aircraft, receiving the first in 1978. These eight 737s became the backbone of the short-to-medium range fleet for the following decade, operating well into the 90s. They operated as far west as Rome and Paris, as far east as Kolkata, and to Indian Ocean destinations such as Male, also taking on shorter routes to Amman, Dubai, Jeddah, Riyadh, Sana'a, etcetera. Upkeeping Royal Dhahrani's perfect safety record, the 737-200s did not cause a single loss of life while in regular service. However, one - A9-VCC - was hijacked in 1982 during a flight between Ras Al Qua and Entebbe, and flown to Borg El Arab, then - over a period of four days - Larnaca, Djerba, Tubuk, and finally Zurich, where the hijacker surrendered to Swiss authorities. All 76 passengers and crew on board were freed with some sustaining minor injuries, and the aircraft was returned to service.

Disclaimer: This project is designed to look at the progression of aviation in a more-or-less generic fictional Middle Eastern state. Any similarities to real people, locations, or situations may be intentional. I have zero knowledge of Arabic, so while I have spent considerable time trying to get it right, mistakes are possible, and any advice is greatly appreciated.