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Blessed Aviation Boeing 767-200

Blessed Aviation Boeing 767-200

The Boeing 767-200 is a Long range, widebody twinjet developed and manufactured by Boeing. The Boeing 767-200 was introduced in Blessed Aviation way back since 1983 to serve low demand destinations with short runways, more than 18 aircraft in total alongside with 30~ 767s in service.

    Do you actually care what people give you as feedback or not? Because it really doesn't seem like it.


    Also what does this have to do with the Philippines at all. I would really love an explanation about it!


    The name doesn't make any-sense


    The logo is too modern for the livery.


    The font is not a good choice.


    This list is ongoing but i don't really want to waste my time.

    As a filipino, I would like to say. No. This is n-. Just no. 


    With some good feedbacks from great AE users, why you didn't improve the airline's livery and why making random plane fleet selection. Is it because of the gameplay or personal preference? Like Tupolev cannot work in a Philippine Airline UNLESS something happend in both the regulations of CAAP and the government's ruling in the country.


    And also, doesn't mean most names here in our local transportation like Jeepneys and even some City Bus companies has the word Blessed in it is a good name for an airline, it should be blended well to your airline's history and design but it doesn't.


    And in fact you put this in your about me, makes it actually sense to us.




    Just no.

    Perhaps you should take some inspiration from Sun Airways, my own Philippine airline brand. Take some time to read the captions below each of my images to come up with a more realistic story for your airline. You can gather ideas from my branding, but don't copy! :)

    (Hint: the Sun Airways logo is my profile picture)

    I'll just wait for R-Alpha to reset and I'm ready now to change this.