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Maori Airways 787-9 (2018 Livery)


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Maori Airways 787-9 (2018 Livery)

Major carrier based at Auckland, Maori Airways broke an industry first in early 2018 when it commissioned several New Zealand artists to design elements of its new livery and brand as opposed to a branding agency or designing in-house.

The airline's main requirement was that black was not to be used as a main colour due to the current shift towards the shade in the New Zealand market. The design eventually approved featured blues and burgundy as the colour palette with ferns applied over a Maori style background depicting nature of New Zealand complemented by a traditional Maori tattoo motif in light grey on the fuselage.

The livery was speculated about for months as the first aircraft to appear in the new livery was spotted at Everett with its rudder painted in a new design although the airline refused to confirm whether it was a new livery or simply a special one. The aircraft was delivered to Auckland under the cover of night and was revealed in a ceremony the next morning and announced via social media.

The airliner also saw the debut of the new interior for the fleet and new uniforms for the cabin crew.

    That tail design is divine


    It's nice. But as a brand for a major international carrier, it doesn't really work.

    This is so spicy :wub:

    The tail is so satisfying  :wub:

    Speechless. :wub:

    ANZ called....and they said magnificent job! :o

    wow :wub:

    ANZ called....and they said magnificent job! :o


    When the knock off does better... :D

    Nice one!