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1969-1986 AIRTEXAS B737-200adv




1969-1986 AIRTEXAS B737-200adv

N732XS-Boeing 737-200Adv "Spirit of Fort Hood"
The first delivery of the Boeing 737 series to AirTexas in 1969 sparked the intialization of a new paint scheme. The choice was made to
paint the aircraft in a solid Fire Mountain Red-Orange, with solid white letters dawning the side. This scheme was the first design of the
era to feature geometric shapes spelling the airline's intials "AT". This particular aircraft was delivered to AirTexas in 1972 and was
christened the name "Spirit of Fort Hood" in honor of the AirTexas crash the following year outside of Fort Hood, Texas killing 75 people
on board. "Spirit of Fort Hood" was the first of the fleet to have the company motto painted on the aircraft "Just A Mile Away" was
focusing on the down-home style of the airline noting that you could theoretically drive one mile to the airport and go anywhere in the
world. This particular aircraft featured 4 First, 16 Business, and 100 Economy Class seats and was the first to feature Cabin Projectors.
As of 1987(R1), this aircraft is still flying in the fleet under the HOU-LAS-HOU route.