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Alden Overture Retrojet


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Alden Overture Retrojet

The Boom Overture promises to revive supersonic travel with a new, efficient, and relatively quiet SST by taking advantage of recent developments in aerospace technology such composite construction and powerful non-afterburning turbofan engines.

On April 1st 2020, Alden re-introduced its Supersonic subsidiary by placing 10 orders and 10 options for Boom's 65-88-seat SST, the Overture. Expected to fly in 2026 and enter service in 2029, the Overture promises economical Mach 2 travel, with tickets being similar in price to business class seats on current subsonic airliners.

On June 4th, 2021, this order was increased to 20 firm orders with a further 30 options. Alden plans to use the overture to re-vitalize its South American and Pacific networks, as well as to supplement its Atlantic network, and potentially charter routes. Rollout is planned for 2024, with a first flight in 2025, and first delivery in 2029.

Here is what the Overture would look like in Alden's retrojet paint scheme, inspired by the Concorde.

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