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2000s widebody fleet

2000s widebody fleet

Historical Airbus A310 fleet (all leased)

A4O-OA (pictured) from 1999-03-31 to 2000-03-31
A4O-OB from 1999-04-30 to 2000-04-11
A4O-OC from 1999-12-16 to 2002-03-24
A4O-OD from 1999-11-25 to 2002-02-01

Leased from Hi Fly:

CS-TEI (pictured) from 2008-05-18 to 2009-05-27
CS-TEX from 2008-02-14 to 2009-05-26

Historical Boeing 767-200ER fleet (leased from Malév Hungarian Airlines)

HA-LHB from 2007-11-24 to 2008-05-16

    Wow I got to say I love those A310s

    The A310s look really nice.


    UPDATE: Major revisions to old livery on PW A310 and B767 (also see B737 and A320 images)

    I think the revisions are good. It adds a bit more substance to the design.

    UPDATE: Major alignment changes to aircraft (also see next image)