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China Western Airlines Boeing 737-800 (Classic Livery)


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China Western Airlines Boeing 737-800 (Classic Livery)

When Boeing started working on a new generation of 737s in 1993, China Western Airlines showed interest in ordering it. Despite not having the performance that the TU-154 was known for, China Western believed that there were a significant amount routes within Western China where the 737NGs could fly. They ordered a few 737-700s and 737-800s and started receiving them in 1999. Despite the 737-800 being shown above, China Western actually preferred the 737-700 because it worked better with the low demand and short runways in Western China. By the time successors for these planes started showing up around 2017, China Western had a huge fleet of both 737-700s and 737-800s, but the successors is a whole other (and very spicy) story.

    Do you all think this livery with the grey bottom looks better, or the 757 without it on the previous slide? It seems that most people here think that the other livery looks fine, but I think that the 757 looks a bit too much like China Eastern's old livery, but I'm not sure.