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McDonnell Douglas MD-83 Suomi


AJB - Med

McDonnell Douglas MD-83 Suomi

Suomi Kansainvälinen Lentoyhtiöt



Callsign - SUOMI

McDonnell Douglas MD-83


Suomi officially took delivery of the first MD-83 on April 3rd 1986 it was one of the first airlines to take delivery of the type and while earlier models of the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 series had already been in operation the airline still had a relatively young fleet of DC-9's and had also placed a large order for the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 which at that time was heavily utilized on its European network outside the range of the DC-9's and on routes in need of higher capacity that the DC-9 was unable to fill, and this worked for the airline, however in the mid 80's the airline wanted to expand into the long haul market to destinations in the Far East/Asia and North America so they needed to take several of the airlines DC-10's away from its European network and so the order for the MD-83 was placed.

The MD-83 officially replaced the DC-9 fleet, which at the time was only 6 aircraft Suomi needed more aircraft to replace the capacity of the DC-10 and to enable the airline to further expand its charter flights within Europe so an order for 8 of the type was placed with deliveries taking place over just 4 years with 2 being delivered to Suomi each year until 1990 when the final DC-9 would be retired from service.

While the MD-83 served the airline well, the company was growing and it was growing fast not due to the companies plan for rapid expansion but due to the huge increase in demand for flights, and with no new aircraft coming from McDonnell Douglas in the 90's with increased capacity or a sufficient replacement for the DC-10 other than the MD-11 which Suomi deemed an unviable option the airline turned to Boeing, this led to the orders of the Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 series of aircraft, these would replace both the DC-10 fleet which by this time was over 20 years old, but also replace the MD-83 fleet and thus the beginning of the end commenced for the type with the final MD-83 being withdrawn from service in 1998 at just 9 years old.

The MD-83 was the shortest lived type to operate for Suomi, however at the time of withdrawal these aircraft where not put to rest, Suomi had investments in a new startup airline within Finland operating with the regional and domestic market within Finland and Scandinavia named Finnlink, with all examples of the MD-83 being transferred to the airline.

    I feel like this is probably what it would look like if KLM had MD-80's. 


    But nice work! I love it!

    I mean technically they had DC-9’s in the blue top!

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    Nice :D


    Wonderful work!


    But no MD-11 :(

    Nope! No MD-11 for Suomi! Lol

    Nice :D

    Nope! No MD-11 for Suomi! Lol

    MD-11ER then :D

    Great job!