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2. Giza Aerial Services DC 3


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2. Giza Aerial Services DC 3

In 1947 Giza Aerial services took delivery of a new larger aircraft type to fly Its new 'long haul ' passenger routes , this aircraft was a DC-3/C-47. These aircraft were ex RAF aircraft that flew out of Egypt during world war 2. Once taken up these aircraft were instantly pressed into service flying the airlines new routes into southern Europe. The DC-3 worked on these routes well when it was first put into service , but over time the DC-3 couldn't keep up with upcoming aircraft. Because of this the airline redeployed its 8 strong fleet on domestic routes. The DC-3 wasn't the best inter national aircraft but it worked incredibly well on domestic routes and would remain in service until the 1960's when Fokker F27's replaced them.The DC-3 was loved by the airline and it help get the airline set up in the international market and it has been missed ever since. Today one aircraft is preserved in Alexandria as a monument to the airlines success.