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02. Fresh Start, 1946 | Douglas DC-3


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02. Fresh Start, 1946 | Douglas DC-3

In 1945, musician Cyro Monteiro mixed boogie-woogie with samba to talk about the cultural exchange (aka imperialsm) between Brazil and the United States brought by the Good Neighbor policy during World War II. But the end of WWII yield yet another product: a huge influx of cheap aircraft to the market.

The first aircraft acquired by CMTA was the Curtiss C-46, whose arrived yet in 1945; followed by the Douglas DC-3, planned to arrive the next year. The C-46 helped the airline grow to upstate Minas Gerais and reach country's capital, Rio de Janeiro.

By the end of 1945, Getúlio Vargas regime came to an end, taking down all state governors appointedd by him, shaking the structures of the public-private airline. As the new government began, in early 1946, in an effort to cut ties with the old dictatorship, president Dutra ordered the grounding of the entire CMTA fleet just prior to the first DC-3 arriving. The president's idea was to extinguish the airline, but fearing losing tourism and cargo income, Minas Gerais governor started negotiations with the president; the meetings took almost a month, and the final decision was to sell the government shares, however, the airline operations stood ceased until mid-1946 as a new board was chosen, which decided to change the corporate identity.

CMTA now became CMTN, the Minas Gerais Transnational Company, with a new logo and paint scheme, and aspirations to connect the whole country. And the workhorse to accomplish this mission was the DC-3, with its versatility and availability on the market, working alongside the C-46, helped the airline reach deep in southern Brazil to the northeast. The DC-3 remained on the fleet until 1970, and in its last years, helped with the country's integration, flying through the Amazon Forest.

The aircraft showcased is PP-CMF, the first DC-3 to wear the new paint scheme. Lost on a crash landing in 1954, after a low visibility approach to Ilhéus Airport the aircraft lost sight of the runway and crash in the swamp next to the airport.

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