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In Topic: Possible Death of B777X and Possible development of A350-2000

25 November 2019 - 07:09 AM

The reason 777 operating airlines are not ordering the 777x is that it is to early to replace them. The current 777 family is reliable and efficient and will be in he far future. When time comes it will be time to replace them and the 777x is a excellent option. Meanwhile the proposed A350-2000 is simply a concept.

In Topic: Crown Airways Livery Request

11 November 2019 - 08:23 AM

G'day mate!


Here's a concept for your airline, even if you don't like it, I wish you all the best for your airline and i hope it becomes successful!


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P.S If there are changes to be made, let me know and i will have it edited asap. If you do like it, i am able to design an entire fleet for you too!


21 October 2019 - 06:59 AM

I agree... AE4 has been in the talks for some time now... I’m still waiting. Also I am still waiting for Premium Economy and stopover destinations to be added.

In Topic: Fictional Airport Project

20 October 2019 - 07:57 AM

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In Topic: Fictional Airport Project

20 October 2019 - 07:56 AM

Former Oswald Watt International Airport - 2019


Recently Oswald has closed its doors and a new owner has been found. The famous Icarus Investment group had purchased the airports' land for 1.3billion AUD. Until plans were made to what was going to happen to the airport, it was used as a private aviation airfield. The airport has had plans to be converted into a metropolitan park with Casinos beaches, docks, sky scrapers and hotels.


[attachment=23080:Oswald Watt Intl Airport EXP2019.png]

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Some remnants of the airport still remain. Whilst most of the tarmac has been removed and terminals demolished, The ATC Tower still remains as an observation tower, and the hangars have been converted into luxury rustic style boutique hotels.


Thank you Oswald Watt International Airport

You will be remembered!