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I agree... AE4 has been in the talks for some time now... I’m still waiting. Also I am still waiting for Premium Economy and stopover destinations to be added.

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20 October 2019 - 07:57 AM

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20 October 2019 - 07:56 AM

Former Oswald Watt International Airport - 2019


Recently Oswald has closed its doors and a new owner has been found. The famous Icarus Investment group had purchased the airports' land for 1.3billion AUD. Until plans were made to what was going to happen to the airport, it was used as a private aviation airfield. The airport has had plans to be converted into a metropolitan park with Casinos beaches, docks, sky scrapers and hotels.


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Some remnants of the airport still remain. Whilst most of the tarmac has been removed and terminals demolished, The ATC Tower still remains as an observation tower, and the hangars have been converted into luxury rustic style boutique hotels.


Thank you Oswald Watt International Airport

You will be remembered!

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20 October 2019 - 07:47 AM

Oswald Watt International Airport - 2016


On May 21st 2016, Oswald had its first ever A380 flight EK 418 from Dubai. The joy was short lived, as the government had Been Attacking the airport since 2001. The government had teamed up with the Icarus Investment Group to build a new airport to serve all International flights for the Northern Territory. The airport had gotten a one last expansion that proved to have killed the airport. The designers had managed to squeeze yet another runway, which was so close to private properties. They believed that the government would cancel the new airport due to the massive expansion. The government had decided to go fourth and to build the new airport which would open its doors in late 2019. Only four months after its expansion, the airport had closed for good and all flights were diverted to the new Airport. The once massive crowded terminals, now lay empty frozen in time, and the land was put up for sale.


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20 October 2019 - 07:32 AM

Oswald Watt International Airport - 2001


2001, a new century for aviation. Where once Propeller aircraft took off from Oswalds' runways, now massive jets. For the airport however things were not going so good. The population of the Northern Territory grew and so did the areas around the airport. Large residential areas had been placed directly beside the airport. The airport was running out of room for expansion and the noise of the aircraft was getting out of hand which led the Government proposing for a new airport further inland away from the large cities. Whilst the public was all for it, the airport demanded to stay open. The government had placed a curfew on the airport which prevented from flights from taking off and landing after 21:00pm. What the public and the airport both didn't know was that the government was gathering plans for a new airport. to prevent the government from closing the airport, the airport designers had added a small new apron, a massive terminal expansion, and an extra runway. to keep up for the air traffic. At this time Ansett, one of the major carriers had suspended operations at Oswald, due to their bankruptcy. The airport began getting too small and things were not looking good.


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