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    Gothenburg city airport

    Posted 7 Jan 2018

    First it is no longer called gothermburg city airoprt, but it is officially known as säve airport. 

    Second: it closed down airline traffic landing permissions in 2015 due to damage to the runway.

    Currently it is only used for private jets and and only operates helicopter-trafficed routes. The only large aircraft ( 12,500 lb or more )that may land are in emergency situations or by non-civillian aircraft.

    I dont know if it is supposed to be like this but aircraft are missing

    Posted 7 Jan 2018

    Here Are Some aircraft types for the 1950-1970 period who are missing:


    Aviation Traders Accountant
    Aviation Traders Carvair
    Avro Canada C102 Jetliner
    Beechcraft 90 King Air
    Beechcraft A100 King Air
    Beechcraft B100 King Air
    Breda-Zappata BZ.308
    Breguet Deux-Ponts
    Breguet 941
    Canadair North Star
    Cessna 401 and 402
    Convair 540
    Convair 580
    Convair 600
    Convair 640
    de Havilland Dove
    de Havilland Heron
    de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver
    de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter
    de Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou
    de Havilland Canada DHC-5 Buffalo

    Handley Page Hastings

    Hughes H-4 Hercules

    Percival Pembroke

    Riley Turbo Skyline
    Saab 90
    Saunders ST-27
    Saunders ST-28
    Saunders-Roe Princess
    Shin Meiwa Tawron
    SNCASE Armagnac
    This is meant to be taken as information, maybe adding all these aircraft wont make the game better, idk, for all i know it could just make it more confusing.


    i cant buy an aircraft

    Posted 21 Oct 2017

    how to buy aircraft when it says that is was not allowable aircraft