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Philippines AirAsia - What seat should I get?

02 March 2019 - 01:19 AM

So, I was given the chance to be able to select a pre-booked seat for our upcoming family trip...


What seat should I select to get a clear view of the engine front? I want to see them spool up lol. I already experienced the seat by the wing and behind it. :)


By the way, I strongly recommend this airline.. been flying with them for the past five years... (with their predecessor AirAsia Zest), by far its the cheapest low-cost airline I have flown with (haven't flown with others like SkyJet and AirSWIFT) with the departures on-time and arrival ahead of time all the time. 


Another edit: I'll update this post as soon as we fly with them again possibly this August. :)


Taken last November 3rd, 2018.


(REJECTED) AVA117 - Avian Airlines

21 February 2019 - 02:24 PM

http://ae31.airline-...e3r6&player=279 (Avian Airlines Macau, sister airline)
Avian Airlines is an airline headquartered in Oslo, Norway, the airline commenced operations on January of 2000, a year later in February of 2001, Avian Airlines Macau a sister airline of Avian Airlines commenced operations and is headquartered in Macau.
Alliance History Past/Current:
I used to be a member of National Alliance from January of 2017 till December of the same year, I was also a member of Universal Alliance from the same year but I couldn't exactly remember what month. I also joined CityHop Alliance becoming one of its original members before going in an inactive-active-inactive cycle.
Why do you want to join Dynasty World Alliance?
With, my past alliances either inactive or gone. I want to join Dynasty World Alliance to experience something new and to be able to share things that I know with the game itself.
What inspired you to apply for Dynasty World Alliance?
I got inspired to join Dynasty World Alliance to be able to interact with new people, manage our airlines together and to be able to share my knowledge with them.
How much experience in the AE community do you currently have?
I have been here since May of 2016, I'd say I have enough knowledge on how the game works.
Which additional airlines/brands do you intend to bring into the alliance?
Filipino Airlines (based in the Philippines)
Australian Air (based in Australia)
Are you capable of running airlines in-game on a regular basis?

Avian Airlines - Logo/Livery Request

21 February 2019 - 01:23 PM

So, I kind of suck in making liveries... I don't have the "artistic" touch of the many great designers here and I would like to get some help in making the livery of my airline.


First, a bit of an introduction with my airline.


Avian Airlines commenced its operations in the year 2000 which is currently headquartered in Oslo, Norway, later followed by its sister airline; Avian Airlines Macau in 2001.



Avian Airlines was derived from the word "Avian" which means "relating to birds" and I want the livery to have some modern look with a bird in its logo.


The livery will be painted on an Airbus A320-200. 


Oh and also, thanks in advance!

"You do not have any aircraft available to serve this route."

18 February 2019 - 12:16 AM

I have four Airbus A320's that has more than 100+ hours left, so that is a lot of time. The airports on both runways are long enough, I have slots (basically everything necessary to start a flight).


The routes


However, it shows the planes as "You do not have any aircraft available to serve this route."


The routes are BGO-TRD, BGO-SVG, BGO-TOS and many more.

Regional Aircraft

10 February 2019 - 08:27 AM

Are regional aircraft viable? I have many of these routes that is flown by a Boeing 737-200 Adv. that has 16-90 (Y) demand so they fly 1 to 9 times per week. 


I have been thinking of replacing the Boeing 737's with regional airliners (such as the ATR-series). Will they actually earn more than a Boeing 737 fitted with business class in a regional route?