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15 May 2023 - 08:03 AM

Hello everyone,

Qataryia International Airways is looking for its new livery. Who would be interested?

- Based in Doha. Flag carrier.

-  Perhaps Burgundy or another shade of purple as one of the dominant colors without being Qatar Airways... but feel free to do something else!

- A380 (2010 onwards) and/or A350-900/1000.(2020 onwards).

If ever, A340-300/500/600 for 2000 onwards.

Thank you so much in advance!

Request for British Airtours / Go Fly

02 February 2023 - 07:45 AM

Hello everyone,

If someone is interested we need a livery (or several to cover until 2020).

British Airtours in 1990 (RO) is a LCC. Was a rebrand of BUA (British United Airlines).  We got a nice B737-200 livery but now all -200 are phased out and replaced by -300/400. In 2000 to respond to open skies market demand a mega order of 500 A320 has been placed. It will replace the entirety of B737 fleet. We were thinking about rebranding into Go Fly (cf wikipedia), it has a bit of Vueling look in it, 60's inspired according to an article.


We need either:

- B737-400 in British Airtours Landor livery (so a historical livery on a plane that has never been operated by Airtours)
- B757 in the same (easier, British Airways operated them so only a few things to change).

- A320 in British Airtours fantasy livery, matching a more low-cost carrier look
-A320 in Go (Go Fly) livery...

-A320 in another livery with a British touch in it, low-cost style, euro market compatible.