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New world pitfalls and opportunities

05 September 2014 - 05:23 PM

Hey all, 

I've been poking around the game for a couple of weeks and I feel like I have a decent handle on how to make a reasonably profitable airline.

When you join a world that's been running for a while the following principles seem to apply:

- Stay away from the major hubs.
- Try to avoid using too many different aircraft families
- Avoid sectors with competition
- Don't be afraid to lease some stinky old planes for a couple of years in order to build up enough capital to buy or lease nice shiny new ones.

- The less glamorous medium to long range sectors can be an absolute goldmine 

Now I'm starting from scratch in the new world R7 (1985-2015), it occurs to me that the same rules will no longer apply.  On the downside, there will be no plentiful supply of used aircraft to lease cheaply while the airline is in it's early expansion phase. But on the upside, sectors that are teeming with PAX and "always" busy later on in the game might now not be so busy. 

So, for me (and other relative newbies), how should we approach the starting of a brand new world?