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Funny Non avgeek stories

14 June 2020 - 10:26 PM

Put here funny stories of non avgeek screwing up at aviation related stuff.

My story is when a 737 flew overhead my mom looked at it and said :"A350"

Samurai Alliance

09 June 2020 - 03:23 PM

Samurai Alliance!


The new alliance founded by Yukiplz4ever.


The founding airline SkyNippon 


Please reply for application.






Current memebers:




Adva Airlines


Pacific National




Mitsubishi SpaceJet M90/100

03 June 2020 - 07:31 PM

I love the Space Jet it is an amazing aircraft if you can please add it into the game

My brand concepts

02 June 2020 - 06:38 PM

I will be uploading here some liveries i uploaded on the liveries in the gallery

Can AE maybe adda virtual airline system like VATSIM for Flight simulators

02 June 2020 - 01:00 PM

There is VATSIM and FSeconomy so maybe AE sould make a virtual airline game using Flight simulators like maybe Xplane 11 or FSX. Tell me what you think about that!