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Boeing 777-236ER

Boeing 777-236ER

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[ACCEPTED] dokateo | Nippon Airlines

17 August 2022 - 04:05 PM

Boeing 777-236ER | Nippon Airlines
Note: Auxillary branding unfortunately not updated with new titles due to the PSDs being long gone
Have you run any profitable airlines in the game portion of AE?:
Last in-game run of Nippon - finished 5th with over 500 billion DOP
Airline Nation of Origin:
Airline Description:
HQ - Tokyo Haneda (RJTT)
Founding Date - February 6, 1952
Lore - Nippon Air Lines was founded in 1952 under the direction of the new Japanese government, soon after the ending of the American occupation, as a reliable air service was needed. The following year, the airline flew its first Transpacific route, Tokyo to San Francisco via Honolulu, using Lockheed Super Constellations. As the world entered the 1960s DAL went under fleet transformation, from piston-powered DC-6s to new jet aircraft such as the Douglas DC-8 and the Boeing 707. The following decade, the 747, 727, DC-10 and early 737 joined the fleet. The airline was completely privatised in 1984. DAL inaugurated the 747-400D on busy domestic routes in 1988. In 1995, following Japan's economic downturn, the airline began posting losses and in 2002, following yet more financial troubles after the September 11 attacks in the United States, agreed to merge with another struggling major carrier Hojo Airways. In the years following, profits returned and DAL posted record profits in fiscal 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic severely affected the airline, and in early 2021 the government of Suga Yoshihide mulled merging DAL with other flag carrier Japan National Airlines, however these plans were abandoned in October of that year by the government of new Prime Minister Kishida Fumio. Today, the airline is on the way up once again, despite major disruption to its European routes due to the invasion of Ukraine and Japanese airlines being banned from Russian airspace. DAL carried 28.9 million passengers in fiscal 2019, and numbers are expected to fully recover to these levels in late fiscal 2023.
Subsidiaries include:
HANA - premium low-cost carrier offering longhaul flights to destinations such as Honolulu, Sydney and San Francisco
Daiwa Airlines - domestic subsidiary operating fleet of E-jets and ATRs 
Tohoku Air Charter
Trans-Ryukyu Air 
When did you first join Airline Empires:
This account (and joining the gallery) - December 9 2017
Do you have any current or former experience with Airline Empires alliances? Please list any alliances you are or have been a part of:
What makes you interested in joining the Atlas Alliance:
Joining an alliance has long been a goal of mine - and I believe Atlas would be a great first. I also think joining Atlas would further help me improve my brands.
What makes you think you would work well within the ranks of the Atlas Alliance:
I believe I would work well within Atlas because I am a very active member of the community, and additionally I believe I could offer lots of feedback and opinions whenever needed.
Who recommended you join Atlas Alliance? If nobody N/A: N/A
Are you able to participate within the AE Gallery along with the Atlas Alliance Discord server:
Do you have any questions for the applications staff before the processing of your application?:
Nope :)

Commonwealth Challenge [FLASH]

03 February 2022 - 08:44 PM

Hello all, and a late Happy New Year! I'm pleased to host the first forum competition of 2022. 

Sunday, February 6th is Queen Elizabeth II's 70th anniversary of ascending to the throne, and it seems fitting to host something for this event. 

This short competition will last for 7 days (Today, February 3rd - Thursday, February 10th) 

Due to this challenge being so short, you may use designs that already exist on the gallery, however I encourage making something new.

I hope to have results and commentary out fairly soon after the deadline.