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Application Process for Polaris

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Thank you for your expressed interest in becoming apart of Polaris. The Polaris Alliance holds a deep value in excellence and representation.


Having the desire to become a Polaris member requires such responsibility of that person. As a member, you must always be kind and considerate of those around you, holding a worthy portrayal of what a Polaris member should be. Every action you commit in the AE community must be of good heart. As a creator, you must all the more put effort towards your craft.


Polaris is filled with member airlines that are legacy and full-service carriers. We will respectfully DECLINE any applicants wishing to place a low-cost carrier in the alliance registry.


Being inside Polaris requires your full attention, commitment, and participation.


We do realize that members have their own personal lives outside of AE, but we kindly ask that you devote some kind of commitment towards keeping the alliance active. Although Polaris asks for deep commitment, we still welcome your presence and hope that you enjoy your experience with us.


If you submitted an application but got declined, a 4-week (1 month) cooldown period will be instated until you can reapply for membership.


As of September 21, 2020, if you are a former member that wishes to gain membership again, you MUST re-apply and go by the Polaris application policy.*


As of September 21, 2020, any member who has gotten their membership taken away is eligible for reinstatement, but must negotiate terms with myself (dondee) or any other Polaris executive (Hayhaa, pasti, Brentmne).*


Polaris does not have a set time length in terms of how long we review your application, but we will try our very best in getting back to you in an orderly fashion.


When you are filling out your application, please answer the questions with utmost honesty and respect.


Please include and answer the following in your Polaris application:


When making a new topic for your application, title it as: Member Name - Airline Name


Airline Name (if you wish to bring in more than one, list all of the names):




Do you hold any alliance experience?:


List previous alliances, if applicable: 


How much Airline Empires experience do you have?:


What has moved you to become a Polaris member?:


What can you bring to the alliance as a member?:


Are you capable of remaining active, whether it's on our Discord or on this site?:


Can you successfully maintain a realistic airline in-game?:


Once your application is received, we will put it to a vote.


If accepted, you will receive a private message from me (dondee) regarding further information (Discord username, concerns, alliance links/rules, etc.).


We ask of non-applicants that you please respect the applications of others and not reply to their application threads.



We wish you the best of luck,

Polaris Executives

* New policy changes in effect as of September 21, 2020



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