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Rules to follow.

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We in Universal Alliance want to have a nice and friendly community with a pleasant atmosphere among our members in the alliance where we treat each other with dignity and respect. Therefore we have set a few rules that all members are obligated to follow at any time anywhere while being a member of Universal Alliance.



Rules regarding the player & being a member of Universal Alliance. 


1. All members must follow the rules set by Airlines Empire, which can be found here. Violations of these rules is not something we will take lightly and will have consequences. Can lead to warnings and/or a ban.


2. Members of the alliance are expected to behave nicely and treat other members in the alliance and other players in AE with respect and dignity.


3. Remember that you represent our alliance. Bad behavior from our members are not acceptable and will weaken our reputation as a friendly alliance in the AE community. 


4. Members must be mindful over their behavior. 


5. If you want to leave the alliance or take a break, you need inform one of the staff members. No reasons need to be given. If it`s a break, you should mention how long the break will be if the length is known (e.g holiday). Short breaks (under a week) don't need to be informed. If quitting, a reason would be appreciated as it would be helpful for us to know.   


6. All members should use common sense. 




Rules regarding the game 


1. Your airline has to exist or have existed in real life. 

  • Defunct and bankrupt airlines are allowed e.g: Sabena, Malev, Spanair, Cyprus Airways, Transaero, airberlin, etc.
  • Subsidiaries and regional airlines are allowed to be run as part of your airline, as there is a 2-airline limit with the game, and regional airlines are notoriously difficult to run.
  • You can run a custom airline in the same world besides role playing another airline, but only the real airline can represent Universal. Example: I could be playing Japan Airlines and Americana Air in Ralpha at the same time, however, I could only use JAL for Universal.


2. You can only choose and run maximum 2 airlines at the same time. 

  • More information about this can be found in the "Game lobby". It is password protected and can only be accessed if you are a full member of Universal. You can apply here.
  • This rule is mainly due to AEs limits on airlines per game - should we decide to play in an unlimited world (Rdelta, etc.), we would allow multiple role-play airlines.


3. No one can run the same airline at the same time. 

  • Before every new game round, everyone has to sign up to join the game in the game lobby. There you will confirm your participation by choosing your airline(s). 
  • It is first come, first served. The first person to pick an airline gets it. 
  • If you want to play as an airline that is already taken, you must talk to the other person that has already picked it. If he agrees to give it to you then it`s fully yours. However, he has the right to say no since he picked it first. Note that you can agree to run the airline together, using the shared control feature. More about this in the paragraph down below. 


4. You are allowed to run airlines together, but only together with another member of the alliance.  

  • You can run airlines together and/or help each other out running the airlines by using the "Shared Control" function in the game.
  • We except every member to not misuse this feature for own benefit or just simply ruining for the other person.  
  •  The person that "owns" the airline is fully responsible for the airline at all times.
  • If you run airlines together, please inform about this when joining a game. 
  • ​You are not allowed to share control of your airline with someone who is not a part of the Universal alliance.


5. If you leave the alliance or have to take a break for a longer period of time, then you have to notify us.

  • We would appreciate this so we have a good view over how many members we have and whether they are active or inactive. 


6. We are partners and friends - not competitors! 

  • We allow fair competition between alliance members - but spamming and undercutting a route to fully compete other alliance members are not allowed and we encourage all members then to partner up and run the route together in a way that will benefit both airlines, the customers and the alliance. Read about our competition policy here. 


  • Want to add, change or remove something? Feedback is welcome! Post your inquiry in Universal Lounge and we will discuss it among the members. Can be accessed here.
  • ​More is available about our rules in our competition policy, Airline Guide, and other topics posted in the open section of our alliance forum. Please be sure to check them out.


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