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[Denied] AeroBleu

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Triple 7

Triple 7

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Primary entity name: AeroBleu, a French-Canadian full-service carrier based in Montréal and has hubs in Toronto and Vancouver.


An airline you are operating, or have operated in the past: AeroBleu






Prior alliance experience: Applied to Unitedwings in the past using another brand, was denied on the basis of my brand being a fictional division of a real-world brand.


Why do you want to join Unitedwings:  I want to join Unitedwings to expand my presence on the forums and be more involved. Creating more connections with those on Airline Empires and collaborate and create with a few. However, my main reason in joining

Unitedwings is to create new relationships and strengthen current ones.


What can you bring to the alliance: On Airline Empires, as of the time of writing this, I have one airline in play which is this airline. Additionally, I am online frequently and can be found to spend most of my time in the gallery.

I enjoy creating and designing, bringing my skills and creative expertise to the alliance. Besides that, I am open to learning, as well, from fellow alliance and community members.


Why should we accept you: As stated above, I am online frequently which means I am active and can help around. To add to that, I am very open to helping others when they need it. I am also very 

easygoing and can get along easily with others, as long as I am basically treated they want to be treated.


Supporting material:

Here is a link to AeroBleu's gallery, just a little more insight into the airline and more to come.



Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.  :)

- Brandon




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Hello Triple 7,

I’d like to thank you personally for considering Unitedwings as your next alliance. I’ll leave it up to our members to decide and the verdict will come once everyone has voted or in 5-7 business days.


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Dear AeroBleu,


Thank you for waiting, and for your interest in becoming a part of Unitedwings. Unfortunately, your application failed in a vote by our members. 


If you have any questions regarding this admission decision, feel free to PM me.


You may reapply fourteen days from now, or when this thread is no longer visible.





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