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[Denied] z a c ɥ - Cambodian Airlines

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z a c ɥ

z a c ɥ

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Logo used ingame:   Vy4BRkD.jpg?1


Airline: Cambodian Airlines, the national flag carrier and full service airline located in the diverse country of Cambodia. With hubs in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and focusing on expanding our Sihanoukville operations.




Prior alliance experience: Member of Venture Alliance.



Why do you want to join Unitedwings?: While playing in different AE Worlds to some extent it becomes obvious that you must join an alliance. Not for reputation but also to expand and gain knowledge from other, more experienced players. By simply applying for an alliance that smacks a familiar logo on your main page really doesn't help a player to improve at all. Personally to me, I see Unitedwings as being a professional top notch alliance. As a player I would feel somewhat proud to be a member of such a distinguished group of airlines like Unitedwings.



What do you bring to the alliance?: I feel that I will bring new and fresh ideas to the Unitedwings alliance. I will bring both positive and constructive feedback to the community and help to keep the spirits up with an appropriate sense of humor. Along with this I would respect everyone's opinions and I will bring a professional and capable attitude to the table.



Why should we accept you?When presented with any challenge I look at said challenge from different ways thanks to having a diverse thought process and somewhat fresh and new ideas. To give an example, if presented with a constructive or negative comment on any design or idea I have, I will try and look at what could be improved on, regarding what the person has said. With this, also comes respect which I will give to the designs or ideas presented by other members of the community. 


Thank you for taking the time to read my application,


z a c ɥ




    If my content suffer from experimenting, so be it.

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Hello Cambodian Airlines,

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of Unitedwings.

I regret to say that after voting by our members your application was rejected.

If you have any question regarding this decision, please send a PM to any Unitedwings admin member, or find me on my personal Discord.

You may reapply fourteen days after this post’ posting date, or when this thread is no longer visible.

Once again thank you for your interest in joining us.


CEO of Unitedwings


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