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Welcome to the azure forum. Listed below are the rules and guidelines for submitting an application to azure.



Here at azure we have a set of rules and guidelines that we expect all members to abide by, they are as follows:


  1. Demonstration of acceptable behavior in the Chatroom and on the Forum. Your application will also be judged on your standings within the community and may take into account your previous behavior on the website.
  2. Your airline that you choose to submit with your azure application must conform to the accepted definition of "quality" (i.e. realistic fleet for country, realistic utilization for fleet types and appropriate In Flight Services) 
  3. Activity within Airline Empires, including posting in the Forums, Chatroom and Press Release Section

Application Format




Airline Description: (Write a sentence about your airline, etc)


Alliance Membership: (Previous/Current alliances of which you are a member)


Why azure?


What can you contribute to the azure community?


Why should we accept you?


Application Process


Applying to join azure is a relatively simple process, without the need for invitations or other stupid processes. To apply, simply create a new topic and answer the six questions above, as well as asking any questions that you feel necessary. Unlike other alliances, we do not ask invasive questions such as nationality or gender and instead, we choose questions that can help us to better process your application. After submitting your application, it will be processed to the next stage, whereby your application will be marked with "[PROCESSING] or [VOTING]" to indicate the stage. After our members have voted on your entry, we will update you on the outcome. If your application to join azure is not successful, please feel free to reapply after a waiting period of 4 weeks. If your application to join is successful, a member of our executive team will contact you with our membership package.


Please note: The azure administration team reserves the right to reject, suspend or withdraw membership and membership applications at any time.



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