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[Pending] Epsilon - Carneros Pacific Airlines


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Your Username Epsilon 


Your Example Airline (link and description)




Carneros Pacific is a national carrier operating flights between it's hubs of San Francisco, San Diego and Salt Lake City, with 56 destinations, and growing. Carneros Pacific also operates flights between the US islands of Saipan and Guam, allowing direct flights to Micronesia, Palau and Papua New Guinea, soon to expand into mainland Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the Philippines, and of course San Francisco. Previously the airline was branded as 'Francisco Pacific', but as Salt Lake City was announced a hub, the airline was rebranded as Carneros, alongside a new slogan, livery, logo, IATA code and description. Carneros also provides In-Flight Services to most flights along with In-Flight Entertainment. At all hubs, there is our famous Golden Gate Lounge, providing travelers with food, shower and rest before catching their next flight.  Carneros are proud to hold the largest fleet of Embrarer E120 Aircrafts, and Lockheed L-100.


What are your skills? What can you contribute to the alliance? One of my best skills I can put forward is dedication. I am active everyday, morning and night, constantly checking the forums, gallery, or Press Releases. I also talk with people in the chatroom and discuss matters alongside that. Airline Empires has become an entertaining hobby for me and it's great to see people with the same viewpoints as me. I'm also relatively good at Graphics, as I use Paint.NET frequently, and occasionally Photoshop for liveries. I also work well in a team and very open and friendly to opinions alongside that, offering good service. 


Why do you want to join Avant? Why do you think you are a good fit? When I first joined AE, I saw the Avant Alliance when I was browsing alliances. It's been an aspiration to join but I just didn't know whether to apply or not, if my airlines were up to scratch, or if they matched the quality enough to join the alliance, so I waited, applied for a few others. The members in the Avant Alliance seem friendly and can relate to many of my qualities. Going to be honest, it also gives off a professional vibe, which is what I look for when applying for alliances. I see it's constantly active which is what I desire. I believe I'm a good fit because I work well with people, I have been noted for having great communication skills and can relate to people. I see Avant as an alliance for my airline to thrive.


What other alliances are you currently in? How committed will you be to Avant? None as of now. I would remain the same activity as I am now and remain committed to Avant like any other member. I'm also on Summer Break and have a lot of time on my hands


Note: Although I only joined 7 months ago, I am frequently active and know how to run a realistic airline


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